Motormania delivers what you need when you need it. Just ask some of our regular customers…

Yelp Review by Noel F.

01/30/2013 – I have taken a number of cars to Roger and he always does a great job. The first car was an Audi Q7, which was misfiring and running poorly. The dealer said it was carbon buildup and wanted to charge $1,500 to repair. Roger took it for a test drive and said he thought it was the ignition coil. He replaced it and it runs great, so he saved me almost $1000. He is a friendly and honest guy. I would not hesitate to take any car to him, you won’t be dissappointed.

Yelp Review by Greg S.

01/07/2013 – I cannot recommend enough Roger and the folks at Motormania.  I have taken my Audi there for years and every single time I get the best, straight forward repair services.  Roger is awesome and very honest and helpful.  Over and over again, I get the “dreaded call back” and I am pleasantly surprised by his forthright recommendations and lack of any sales job at all.  Every time I bring my car in, I know he could find twice as many things to repair as he actually recommends.  This is unbelievable and so customer friendly.

A good mechanic and a good tax guy are two things that everyone needs.  I have the mechanic.  Great work Roger!

Facebook Review by Robert Morales

09/2012 – I’ve been a Motormania customer for almost 20 years, actually the dealer recommended them to me. Finding the right mechanic is just like finding the right doctor, dentist, or even barber. Motormania provides the expertise, dependability, and consistency that you would want from a garage. Now that my kids have their own vehicles, they choose Motormania too. That should tell you how good Motormania is.

Yelp Review by Merri I.

8/29/2012 – My experience is that Rodger, Tom, and all at Motormania do cost-efficient quality work and treat their customers well. They understand what it means to solve problems scientifically, and they work to find their customers the most cost effective solutions (including aftermarket or junkyard parts when appropriate). They have my highest recommendation.

I went to them believing that my 2004 VW needed an expensive new turbo. They were just as excited as I was when it seemed that a leaking mass air flow sensor pipe might fix the problem. When that turned out to be only one of multiple problems, they worked diligently and efficiently to find the root cause (an obscure engine timing problem) and fix it. After the fix, they test drove my car three times to be sure it was running correctly and problems wouldn’t recur after we’d taken the car back.

Yelp Review by Michael G.

8/15/2012 – A couple of months ago my check engine light came on so I called up Motormania for their advice.  As always, Roger was extremely knowledgeable and helpful and unlike most other shops, he didn’t tell me to just bring the car in.

In fact, he told me to call the dealership to see if the part was recalled (unfortunately it wasn’t).  Motormania ended up charging me about a hundred bucks less than the dealer would have, they didn’t try to upsell anything, and they even gave the car a quick checkup at no cost since I told them I’d be driving out of state soon.

A good auto shop is hard to find, so I highly recommend Motormania if you’re looking for one (esp if you drive a VW).

Recommended by Daniel Rivero

6/10/2012 – I purchased a used 2000 Passat for my mother who had recently had her Nissan Altima totaled in a rear end accident.  I have always been a VW fan and when I saw this used Passat I knew that it would be a good reliable car for my mother’s daily commute and activities.  The car was 12 years old and needed some work done.  The brakes and the electrical system seemed to have some issues as the battery had drained and the alarm system was acting up.  I had always heard that VW’s are notorious for having electrical issues so I knew that I would have to an expert look at it and diagnose it.

Now the biggest of issues is that my mother is on a fixed income and repairs to the car would have to be kept to a minimum.

My experience began by calling Motormania and speaking with Roger to set up an appointment.  Right from the initial call and explaining all the circumstances, Roger reassured me that they would prioritize all repairs after diagnosing the car.  I dropped off the car in the morning and by the afternoon I received a call from Roger explaining all diagnosed issues.  Roger made sure that the car was road worthy and took the time to extensively try to find an issue with the brakes.

I have to commend Roger and Motormania for looking out for the consumer and not trying to take advantage of my mom.  Motormania is a place where I can tell my mom to go and drop off her car and not be over charged for repairs.  Roger and his team go above and beyond the regular dealership or shops in town.

Thank you Motormania  for the great experience!  We will be back for the other non-priority items.


Daniel Rivero

Google + Review by Bernando M.

02/2012 – Best VW mechanic in Austin. Honest and to the point, very patient with people like me, who presume to know something about automobiles…I have been in VW dealerships all across the South and Mid-Atlantic and these guys are head and shoulders above them…They know their stuff and are honest, what else is there to say?

Yelp review by Betty Jo M.

2/10/2011 – Roger and Tom and crew are more priceless than rubies to my family! They’ve always kept my vintage VW happy, and I’m so glad they work on all makes as well. They spent two days sourcing GOOD after-market parts for our Jeep, and I was pleasantly surprised with the total repair bill, when I picked her up just minutes ago. In this economy, it’s prudent to keep our older(PAID FOR) vehicles truckin’ right along, and it would not be possible without Motormania! Over the last 20 years, they have more than taken care of us- they have AWED us with their expertise and service! Rock on, Motormaniacs!.

Yelp review by Jenni C.

Austin, TX 4/25/2011 – I took my 2000 VW Jetta in for a timing belt replacement and overall high mileage check before I sold the vehicle to a friend. Roger made sure everything was in tip top shape, checked my clutch, which a previous mechanic had told me was slipping, and determined it was fine, did the timing belt, brake fluid flush, and assorted other procedures in a day for a very reasonable price. He then offered to help my friend locate a good VW mechanic, since she lived out of state. It made me want to buy another VW, just so I could bring it back to the guys at Motormania.

Yelp review by Kay W.

Austin, TX  1-29-2010 – When I decided to make Austin my permanent home 3 weeks ago, I needed to register my 1999 VW Jetta. That was a potentially stressful situation because I couldn’t pass Inspection with the Jetta’s engine light that had been popping on for the past 3 years (During those 3 years, I took it to a VW dealership and 2 different mechanics in CT who collectively collected over $3,000 for engine light repairs that didn’t last longer than a couple of days after I’d pass inspection).


I didn’t know any mechanics in Austin.


I asked around and was told that the owner (Roger Funnell) of a place in North Austin (Motormania) was not only a VW expert, he actually cared about doing the best work he could at the best price he could.


I’m happy to report (or review, smiling) that instead of stress, I experienced the first positive, reasonably priced and effective engine light repair I have ever received (2 weeks after passing inspection, the light is still off and my Jetta is actually running more effortlessly).


Not only did Roger and crew correct the engine light issue (at a third of the usual price), they did what it took to complete the repair by 2:30 the next day to spare me the additional cost of another rental car day.


They slipped in a repair to the front passenger door (someone wiped out the front of my Jetta when parked at a store one day and the door never completely opened after that repair) without charging me or even telling me…I didn’t discover that repair until I opened that door effortlessly for the first time in 5 years a week ago.


Roger and crew, if y’all ever see this review:

  • Thank y’all for not taking advantage of me monetarily.
  • Thank y’all for taking pride in the work you do.
  • Thank y’all for caring enough to do what it took to have my Jetta ready the next day.
  • Thank y’all for being a reminder that there are more nice people in the world than not…

Thank y’all for being y’all.


Quick, Honest, Excellent Service…‎

By purduecmpe – Sep 13, 2010

Stopped by this morning because my brake light had started blinking… These guys diagnosed and fixed the problem on the spot. No appointment or wait… They seem to know VWs very well. I will be back. Thanks again!‎

Great Place For VW‎

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0By CruzinAustin – Nov 18, 2009

Pricing was excellent, parts where OEM and a year later, have not had any problems with my VW. I recommend them for kind of auto work. I personally will not take my car any where else. …‎

Excellent work, extremely honest 40K…‎‎

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0By Norma – Oct 24, 2009

My first experience with these guys was great. Read all the other reviews and they are right. They are very good and very reasonable. Mentioned some issues concerning previous oil changes – went to various oil change companies. Nothing major, but will be bringing my car to Motormania for the regular oil changes. Price is about the same and your car is being maintained by a technician, someone who knows and specializes is VW. Very honest and very reasonable. You cannot go wrong with these guys.‎

Renew my faith in mechanics??‎‎

By rbestavros – Sep 27, 2009

I know cars, and had my Jetta GLI serviced by the dealer only. I always suspected they didnt really change my spark plugs but Roger confirmed it! He is passionate about his work and I am sooo impressed! My car is running like new and his work was on time and affordable. I gave him my wifes Santa Fe and my sons GTI, all is good. Thank you!!!‎

Recommended by robertcope:

In short, the guys at Motormania are amazing: they are honest, friendly,
knowledgeable, do great work, and you’d be crazy not to have them working
on your VW. I’ve known Roger and Tom for almost twenty years now.
My family originally learned of them via a family friend when looking
for someone to “freshen up” my mom’s 1970 Beetle, a car
which she bought new in college and which either she and my dad had
driven daily for twenty-something years. That car was as shiny and
ran as good as the day it left the showroom floor when they were done
with it, and it continued to be driven daily for years until it was
finally destroyed in an accident.

I bought the first of my VWs in high school, 1984 Scirroco. Roger
and Tom at Motormania did all the repairs and maintenance work on
that vehicle, and have continued to work on all of my VWs — the only
make I’ve owned — since: a 1967 Beatle, a 1966 Beatle, a 1988 Jetta
GLI, a 1998 Jetta Wolfsburg Edition, and a 2003 Jetta GLI. My wife
and I just bought a 2008 Rabbit, which they will, of course, be seeing
soon for its first oil change and checkup!

It isn’t completely fair to say they’ve done all the work on my vehicles,
because I am lucky enough to have worked at Motormania for three years
just after graduating from high school. So, I’ve done some of the
work myself, but only because of the tutelage provided by Roger and
Tom at Motormania. I say that I was lucky to have worked there because
they not only taught me the basics of auto repair, they proved to
be excellent role models for how to live life, treat people, and run
a business. And they have great taste in music. To make what is turning
into a long story short, if you have a VW, do yourself a favor and
have it repaired by the honest folks at Motormania. (January 6th 2008)

Recommended by sharlapatterson: 

Motormania VW Repair Motormania is awesome! I usually purchase a car
and then when the warranty runs out, purchase another car because
I don’t want to deal with finding and dealing with a mechanic. However,
I fell in love with my new beetle and wanted to drive it longer. It
is still in very good shape. Well, sure enough the time came when
I was in need of a fairly significant repair. I found Motormania and
I am so glad I did. They are the reason I kept my beetle. They are
always fair and honest and I fell very comfortable trusting my car
to them. If you own a VW, Motormania is a must!! (October 20th 2008)

Recommended by jpm007:

They do what they say their going to do with honesty and integrity,
even at a reasonable prices. A refreshing change in today’s automotive
repair market. Being a professional consultant, my expectations of
customer service are high. Typically, I don’t feel compelled to report
a job well done. However, my most recent experience at Motormainia
is an exception. With the recent rains, I had a leak and the electronic
controller for my Passat’s transmission went on the blink. Most repair
shops would have “taken me to the cleaners” with a new unit
or transmission. Roger and his crew accurately diagnosed the problem,
patiently and persistently dried out the unit, and fixed the problem.
This was the second time I’ve used Roger and his crew at Motormania.
They specialize in fixing VWs, but can service and fix many makes
and models. I would highly recommend Motormania for any VW driver,
and many others, too. Thanks again Motormania for the honesty and
integrity in which you fixed my Passat. Sincerely, JPM (July 2nd 2007)

Recommended by caramarieedmond:

I first came to Roger for work on my 2000 Jetta as a graduate student
with NO money having seriously neglected my car. Roger helped me prioritize
what needed to be done to my car, did all the repairs for a flat rate,
and comped extra work that he thought was necessary but outside of
my original quote calling it a student discount. The next time I went
to Roger was for my timing belt and fuel pump. My car came back in
PERFECT condition, on time, and at the price he quoted me… They
work with my budget without being condescending. I will never go anywhere
else and this shop makes me want to own VW’s for the rest of my automotive
career just so I can continue using their shop. They are UNBELIEVEABLE!